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After 15 years of surfing stock footage sites, and not finding exactly what we wanted, surrounded by a talented group of editors, filmmakers and creative professionals, the shineStock idea came up.

This idea floated around for a few years, and through the support and encouragement of our clients and colleagues, we decided to pull the trigger on what has been a really fun and challenging project.

After a year of hard work, many shoots, and thousands of stock footage clips, we’ve decided it is time to present shineStock to our closest friends and colleagues, in the hopes that it serves as a resource for your future projects.

As our catalog grows, we hope that through your input and creative feedback, we are able to tailor some of our film shoots to fit your specific needs. In other words, if you can’t find what you are looking for, let us know! Chances are, we can shoot it for you!

This has been a labor of love, and every single team member at shine has been involved in some aspect of the production. From pre-pro, to production, color grading and post, and all the way through web-development and marketing.